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CDJ3000 Beat Sync / Stacked Waveform Issues

Hi all, 

Anyone else struggling with the accuracy of the stacked waveform and general performance of BPM sync with the 3000's? 

Coming from several years of Rekordbox and CDJ use I consider myself to be well versed on things but coming from the 2000NXS2 there are some vaguries with the accuracy / representation of the RB beadgrid in the 3000 players. I would be keen to see whether anyone else has encountered similar issues? 

Its not deal breaking as you can correct by ear but given the early 2000NXS issues it feels broadly the same and needs customer feedback to address via a FM upgrade. 

To give an example my grids are manually set in RB(6 latest release), then when i mix in a new track, the waveform doesn't align with the master player despite both grids being accurate, i have to manually pull the incoming deck back which renders the waveform of the incoming slightly behind the master. I'm using the new 3band waveform. 

I know the stock answer is the beatgrids aren't corrrectly adjusted in RB but this isn't the case. I've used Rekordbox since day 1.

I'd welcome any views

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