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Ableton Link in Rekordbox Suggestion - Follow the Master Deck BPM option


I wish Happy new Year to all colleagues from the Forum and Pioneer DJ team.

I am using heavily the Rekordbox Ableton Link functionality to keep Resolume Clips in sync with the music I am playing.

I am happy to have this functionality but of course as everything it can be improved, in my workflow the worst part is that is not possible to control the BPM of Ableton link from DDJ-RZX and I have manually to adjust the Ableton Link BPM in the laptop.

I do not know if Pioneer DJ is planning to improve this functionality and how complex it is, but one idea would be have a configuration in Rekordbox to set that the Ableton Link BPM will always follow the "Master Deck" BPM with that at least for my workflow will work perfecttly and I do not need anymore to adjust the Ableton Link BPM manually.

This is something that can be considered in a future Rekordbox release ?

Thanks in advance,