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issue with setting manual cues

Not sure if this is a known issue or if its been addressed as I had a hard time with the search feature here. I haven't used RekordBox since probably June and i booted it up today and saw there was a new update. ran the update and now, for some reason I can't set manual cues. hot cues are working fine but whether I use the "shift+memory" on the deck or hit "memory" on the performance pads handle. has anyone else run into this issue? using ddj-400 and before anyone asks, yes I turned the computer off and back on again and unplugged and plugged the deck back in.

Guy Larson




Did you first set a master cue (by setting either the loop-in or pausing the track and setting the main CUE at that location)? If not, you were setting the first cue as the memory point, but not where the playhead was.

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