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Adding Star/color rating through CDJ?

I can't figure out how to add a star/color rating to a track while playing live through the CDJ 3000. For example, a track I select and is currently playing that has no star rating that I am really liking or dislike, how do I add star ratings through the CDJ that will also be changed in RB when I sync back up (In my case I use a laptop with an external HD with Rekordbox on it but made this point to state I understand RB will need to recognize the change). Kind of like setting a hot cue on the fly

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It was something they had a problem implementing in time for launch and it will be added in a firmware update. Thanks for your patience!

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I asked this a few months ago when they first came out and they said that feature is not available. Its possible its been added in a more recent update that I have not downloaded yet.

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