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Folder problem

I have problem with searching my tracks thru folders, since I cant see my folders. I see the folder directory, but there are not any folders inside....

I am exporting my folders from Rekordbox to USB, but FOLDER section on CDJ2000NXS2 playing this USB stays empty. Maybe I cant do it because there is only an option to "Export As a Playlist" ? Is there an option to Export As a Folder or how do you do it?

Since you have an option on CDJ2000NXS2 to browse thru folders , please let me know how can I create them from REKORDBOX to USB key.


thank you 

Jaka Meden 回答済み



Hey Jaka,

FOLDER is for content you have copied to the USB drive outside of rekordbox. If you were to keep all your music on that USB drive, the "export" process doesn't make a second copy on the drive (because it's already there), so it allows you to browse the folders as well as playlists (if you "export" them).

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