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Random audio glitches / artifacts

I've been using rekordbox for around 6 months now since I bought a DJM250 Mk2. Im using this to run DVS / Timecoded vinyl from my Technics 1210s. 

I've got an issue where music playing will randomly glitch for a few seconds then return to normal. Its not a pop sound. Its more of a prolonged period, its hard to describe...it almost sounds as if for a brief second or two the music sounds like it would if you were playing it underwater, and then returns to normal. Like a high pitched muffled whine effect placed over the top of the music. 

During breakdowns I can hear a few clicks or pops all the time too. I know its not a latency issue as I've had it set as high as 28ms while troubleshooting and it still does it. It keep it at default 5.3 seconds normaly. It seems to be random rather than anything triggering it. Theres no spike in CPU or disk usage and i close all programs prior to starting rekordbox. 

Below is a list of things i've tried:

Removing all other USB items from machine.
Trying a different USB port (front and back of machine)
Trying both a USB 2 and 3 port. 
Disabling intel turboboost / C state transition in BIOS.
Upping latency right up to 28ms and back down to 5.3ms.
Updating windows 10 / Updating Rekordbox numeous times
Updating Drivers / Disabling Onboard soundcard
Wireless / Bluetooth Disabled

PC Spec:

2012 Dell Optiplex 790 SFF PC
Intel i5-2400s 2.50 Quad Core CPU
Intel Q65 Express Chipset
Mechanical 7200rpm 1TB HDD
Onboard Intel HD Graphics 2000 - Dual Displays
Onboard Realtek Sound (Disabled)

Its not the newest machine but still well in with rekordbox min spec

Oddly enough I also have a rubbish AMD A9 Dual core CPU laptop with 4gb of RAM and albeit a bit slow, it runs rekordbox without any issue despite no support for AMD processors and not hitting minimum spec :/

Any help is appreciated as i'm running out of ideas here. 

Craig Adamson