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Next XDJ XZ with CDJ3000 features TouchPreview, KeySync, KeyShift, 9" touchscreen

When can we expect the next XDJ XZ - with updated hardware including the features from the new CDJ 3000 ?

  • high resolution 9" Touchscreen (as from CDJ 3000)
  • better audio quality from cdj3000
  • Touch Preview
  • key Sync and Key Shift
  • option to use all 4 channels as standalone xdj decks
  • beside the option to add other gears to use on channel 3 and 4).

And please replace the mic slide switches by a button to turn on/off. The slide switches  makes to much noises while you are broadcasting in a silent environment.

I know this will have it's price - but as we know now what a CDJ3000 is able to do, we like to have this in one standalone gear.

Thank you!

DJLexx R (CH)