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CDJ 3000 Pro DJ Link/Waveform/Link Issues Still Not Fixed

Since owning the CDJ 3000 player from new this has been a massive problem and still hasn't been fixed and has been ignored. I have been through support many months ago when they said the problem is known and they are working on a fix. After reading recent posts about the same issue I have seen a reply stating that the engineers cannot consistently recreate the problem and continue to investigate? So this really means there is no fix coming as they have no idea what to do.


I have tried every scenario to narrow down the problem to the players themselves either being the components inside being faulty or it being a software problem. If you connect using performance mode via USB this problem goes away as Pro DJ Link is not being used and all waveform and audio data translates perfectly.

There are numerous reports of this on the forums with nothing about a fix reported.

Do these players need replacing for new ones or will there be a firmware/software update to fix this problem?

The two photos here show the waveforms out of line by some way but the to the ear they are perfectly matched, as soon as you press the sync button the waveforms realign and the audio does not match meaning you need to nudge the platter back to the position in these photos for it to sound right again.

You say the engineers cannot replicate this problem so do the people with this issue need to have their players replaced for new ones or is there a firmware fix coming?

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I've said that they are still investigating the cause and are working to resolve the issue. As we've described, the sync works properly, it's just a visual alignment problem.

Thanks for your patience.

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