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Vocal Detection on Apple Silicon / M1, please!!


I am extremely happy with the performance of my new Mac Mini M1. It easily handles rekordbox connected via Spout with VDMX VJay Software, with lots of CPU headroom and running nicely cool. All of which simply would not work out on my previous Intel Mac Mini 2018. In fact, I am planning for integrating the M1 Mac Mini, DDJ 1000, DMX 1 and a mobile 15" touch screen, trackpad and keyboard into one case for a custom killer DJ/VJ/DMX all-in-one-system without separate laptop.  

That said, I was extremely disappointed to realize that Vocal Detection requires a special type of CPU and is not supported with Apple Silicon. Vocal Detection is THE killer rekordbox feature for me and I heavily depend on it for its ability to make little or unknown tracks mixable while avoiding vocal clashes. 

So, while rekordbox supposedly supports Apple Silicon and Big Sur by now, there is some remaining work to be done. Please take advantage of the advanced AI capabilities of the latest Apple Processor platform and enable Vocal Detection on these machines as well. The entire line up of Apple computers will be on this processor platform soon and I am certainly not the only one who values voice detection as a key part of the Creative subscription.

PIONEER - can you please confirm this is in the make and by when it it is likely to be available? Don't put me down with a "never", PLEASE!!

Thanks much :-)



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No! Certainly not a "never" on one of the coolest rekordbox features!

The problem is it was originally coded to take advantage of AVX (Advanced Vector Extensions) found in X86 CPUs... which the M1 is not, and does not have. I know the software team is working on updating the applications to ensure that everything works as it should on every platform, however I don't have a timeline for native M1 support for rekordbox or the lyric feature.

Thanks for your patience.

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