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Option to physically delete from the hard drive when deleting from the collection

In the next versions, include the possibility of deleting one or more files from the HD, in addition to the collection. This has been possible in Traktor and Serato for a long time.

When the warning to delete a song or more from the collection appears, have the option to delete it from the HD as well, thus preventing you from having to go to Finder/Explorer to delete the song. This would be much more practical when it comes to library organization. Suddenly a checkbox on the warning would be an option!

There have been requests for this role since 2015 and so far not even a shadow! When will it be implemented? What's the impediment? It's such a simple thing to do, why isn't it done?

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If it were easy, it would be done.

It's still on the list and we thank you for your patience.

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