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Rekordbox doesnt work properly with Windows 11 - audio shutters

Hey, people from Rekordbox.

I was fired yesterday because in the middle of an important GIG, the audio started shutter when I minimized Rekordbox (I wanted to download a new song)

I tried at home and it looks like every time I minimize rekordbox, this happens.

This is not professional at all, and it actually costed me a gig (they cancelled my contract, last night was my first test)

It looks like this problem has been reported many times, and you  haven't fixed it.

Shame on you, this is not professional at all.

Check some reports here


Alex Marco Answered

Official comment


I'm sorry that happened but do you really think calling the software team "lazy bas**ds" is going to endear them to your situation?

Please file an inquiry ticket here and our support team will gather some additional information to assist you in resolving this issue, but as a general tip, I'd avoid calling them names.

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