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Mismatch in Midi Mapping between XDJ-RX3 and Rekordbox 6 Performance Mode

Hello Support Team,

I#ve read through the forum and found out that the same problem existed for the XDJ-RX2. When you run the XDJRX3 in performance mode on Rekordbox the performance pads do not reflect the same functions as they have when you run the XR3 in alone mode without a Laptop/PC. So in Performance Mode on Rekordbox e. g. the Beatjumps pads will make a key adjustment when using the RX3 in Rekordbaox etc. So it is a total mess.

I have also found another entry in the forum by another user who also complained about this topic and the answer of Pioneer was just to ouse the Midi modus and change it. But the Midi Modus is not that easy to understand for a every user.

I have aso read the mapping PDF for Rekordbox 6 - but that also does not help me. Can you please give me guidance on how to change the performance pads that have the exact behavior in stand alone mode on the XR3 and also in perfoamcne mode when using rekordbox 6.


I read something about a midi mapping file etc, which was created for XR2 users in the past.


Thanks for detailed help!

Alexander Lorenz Answered

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This is correct - the modes are different, the silkscreens don't match the pads. You can manually remap them but you'll fist have to go into the MIDI editor and remove any of the pad modes you don't want before assigning the new ones. See the MIDI manual here for info.

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