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Can't login to this forum? Step-by-step instructions to SELECTIVELY clear your cookies


Everytime I access this forum I need to clear my google chrome cookies. This is a well known problem, described multiple times before, eg: https://forums.pioneerdj.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/360029494092-Pioneer-DJ-Website-probblem

If you delete all cookies, you get logged out of all your other sites (email provider, newspapers, etc). Instead, its better to only delete the pioneer specific cookies.

As several people asked me insructions on doing this, please follow the below screenshoots.

@Pulse: please consider adding this info to the Knowledge Base, and making a news item out of it. Cheers!



Issue symptom: you appear to be logged in ("my activities" is shown), but you cn't comment any thread.







pedro estrela Answered

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@pedro > Thanks, but it's different for every browser. As you outlined in the linked topic, only the cookies from those specific domains need to be cleared (the cache can be cleared without affecting logins).

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Well known problem with this forum. You can find loads of login problems reported.

I use MS Edge for Pioneer DJ forum only, the rest works by luck, or never works.

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