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Rekordbox collection in an external hd/ssd usable both by the rekordbox app and cdj/xdj


I think this is currently not possible but I'd like to know if there are plans to have this feature in the future and when should I expect this?

The idea is to have 1 external harddisk which will be used to store and manage my collection (meaning when it's plugged to my laptop and i open rekordbox app i'll be able to add/edit tracks and playlists) and can be directly plugged to any cdj/xdj which will show and play my tracks and playlists without requiring any additional steps and storage such as exporting etc. 

I'd like to have 1 external harddisk where my collection is stored and immediately playable on connecting it to a cdj. 


alper kay

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@alper > This is already available. I keep my collection and master database on an external drive and export everything to that same drive for use with CDJs / XDJs.

You currently do need to "export" everything to the external drive (playlists / songs), even if it is the source, because that builds the export database which the players read. This process does not create duplicate files, so no worries about space there, and it only takes a few seconds.


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Hi Pulse,

That's great news for me! I thought this was not possible. 

I'm looking at Rekordbox right now and I'm a bit confused. How do I 'export' everything? Is it the "export collection in xml format" option in the file menu? And do I need to do this everytime I update my collection/playlists?

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This is how my settings look like right now btw.

The external hdd is named "MUSIC". Pioneer folder is a direct subfolder of the hdd. And there's another direct subfolder called "MUSIC" which includes all the music files. 

When the hdd is connected to laptop, rekordbox app shows the collection and plays songs as expected. But when I connect the hdd to the xdj700, I don't see the songs or the playlists.



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