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Sync manager button disappeared in rbox 6

Hi guys,

I normally use the sync manager button on the left bottom corner in rekordbox 5. However, now that I have downloaded rekordbox 6 there is only a button 'search mobile' and the sync manager has disappeared.

Watching some online lessons about rekordbox 6 show me that the button still exists. What can I do to bring it back in my version of the program?

Kind Regards,

Coen Akkerman


Coen Akkerman

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Realise this answer is a bit late, but wanted to provide an answer for anyone else who comes up against the same issue...

In the top left of the RekordBox interface there's a drop down button with 'performance', 'export' and 'lighting' as options... Select 'export' and it will prompt Sync Manager to appear.

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