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Feature Request: Enhance RB metadata matrix


could you please so kind and upgrade the Matrix.

for every Audiofileformat ( .mp4, mp3, wav, aiff ....) you support .could you please list:

- Tag is read or written or both

- what ist the technical FRAME-ID / ATOM / BOX you use

- list all Special Cases

   for .m4a (mp4)  if "Album" value is not present in the file, then "Album Artist" is ignored during import

  ( see https://forums.pioneerdj.com/hc/en-us/requests/317300)

- list as .csv file for easier handling than .pdf

Reason: Maintaining Metadata is far easyer with an external Tool (I use MP3TAG) . Dont get me wrong .... RB is Good for maintaing on the fly something ... but for complex reorgs ( change GENRE for x files etc).



I know there exists the following threads / links ... but in a way nothing ist realy complete




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