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XDJ-RX2 Tempo Slider issue 2023


I just encountered an issue with my XDJ-RX2, where the right tempo slider is not adjusting correctly. The slider will not adjust upwards (lowering bpm / %), but it will adjust downwards properly (increasing bpm / %). It will get stuck around the center (0%). I have troubleshooted, made sure sync is off, turned the XDJ off and on multiple times, changed outlets, and installed the latest firmware update that people have said fixes this issue.

Here is another customer with the same issue for reference - https://forums.pioneerdj.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/360034180172-XDJ-RX2-Issues-With-BPM-Tempo-Slider-0-No-Coincidence-3-Units-Tested-

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