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[CLOSED] Rekordbox Transfers Wrong Tracks

Hi guys… I'm back to giving RB a shot now that it's finally compatible with Lion.  Having a major issue with RB transferring the wrong tracks.  It's an issue I've be burned by twice before (using earlier versions of Rekordox, obviously).  Thankfully, I noticed it at home this time instead of at a gig.  Here's what's happening:

  1. I transferred a playlist (including tracks) from the Rekordbox Library to an external hard drive
  2. I plugged the hard drive into my CDJ-2000, and accessed the playlist
  3. some of the songs in the playlist are completely random (i.e. old tracks, with no discernible association with each other or with the new playlist)
  4. on top of that—if I play one of those tracks, the CDJ shows the correct BPM in the tag, but the BPM readout is totally off.  e.g. I loaded a track that was 126 BPM, it played at 126 BPM, but the read-out showed 118 at the "0" point of the fader.

This track shouldn't even be in my playlist, and when it plays, the CDJ displays a BPM that makes no sense whatsoever.  It's not a new track, nor has it been edited in any way for months—in RB, or in any other app.


So I ejected the drive, plugged it back in to my Mac, and fired up Rekordbox.  Using Rekordbox, I deleted all the tracks from the playlist (on the device) and re-transferred the tracks from the library playlist to the now-blank playlist on the device.  Same issue—a portion of the tracks that should have been transferred to the device playlist are incorrect.  (Note: they are the same incorrect tracks as the first time.)  Since then, I've deleted the playlist and the playlist folder on the device, and tried again—no luck.  I reanalyzed the tracks in the playlist (in my library) and reloaded the tags, then transferred everything over again—no luck.


I have no idea what the heck is happening, but if someone could please kindly explain what is causing my newly-imported tracks to export as totally random old tracks, I would greatly appreciate it.  Thanks.



BTW, nice to be back on the forums… seems like lots of cool things happening lately.


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Howdy Warth -- the engineers got to this one before I did...

It seems that this may be a problem fixed with the latest version.

It's possible that he did some operations like following, with an old version of


  1. export some songs to an external HDD.

  2. erase db file from only his computer.

  3. import new songs not included in old db in his computer.

  4. create a playlist and add avobe songs to the list.

  5. export the list to the external HDD.

=> In such case, IDs of the new songs may be identic with ones of some songs

already exported in HDD.

So, rekordbox may show old songs in the playlist in device pane.

Consequence, user seems that wrong songs are exported.


Could you ask this user to try with another USB device(first use for rekordbox)

or erase db file from the HDD?


Also, about his suggestion concernant BPM, did he an ajustement of BeatGrid

him-self or analyse bpm in Dynamic mode?

It's true, it may be expected behaviour.

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Hey Pulse… thanks for the info. 

First, let me make sure I'm interpreting his suggestion / theory correctly.  It sounds like he's saying: If the database on my computer is newer than the one on my HDD, as I import tracks into this newer database, some tracks may be assigned ID numbers which are already in use by other tracks on my HDD.  Am I understanding that correctly?

It's very likely that the rekordbox library on my computer was, in fact, created more recently than the last time I formatted my HDD.  To that end, I just followed his instructions and can confirm that the correct tracks transfer to a newly-formatted USB drive (and that the incorrect ones still transfer to the HDD containing the older library).  That's pretty encouraging.  There is one part of his recommendation that I'm not sure how to follow—I don't know how to erase the db file from my HDD.  I've enabled hidden files in Finder, and can see all the "guts" of the .PIONEER folder, but I'm not sure what file counts as "the db file," since neither the file names nor the file extensions seem to correspond to the ones on my computer.  Is the "export.pdb" file the database for the HDD?

His response also raises a couple more questions:

1.  How do playlists factor in to this mishap?

2.  Why does it only affect new tracks?

My best guess:  In my new(er) rekordbox library, every track I imported got assigned an ID which was likely already in use (assigned to another track) on the HDD's library.  However, since some tracks are already on the HDD, those files don't get copied to the drive (nor does their ID info) when the a playlist is exported—although the new ones do, since they're not already on the HDD.  That would seem to explain most of it, but it leaves the lingering question—why don't ALL my brand new tracks have jacked-up IDs and appear as other tracks when I transfer them over?

The whole topic really highlights the arcane nature of the rekordbox system.  I'm really eager to avoid stuff like this from now on, so I actually wrote a separate request ( http://forums.pioneerdj.com/entries/21070762-sticky-request-overview-of-rekordbox-back-end-folders-files-locations ), asking for some clarity about the back-end (files and folder structures) of rekordbox.  It would be great if you and/or the other moderators (possibly the devs too) would be willing / able to explain some of the inner workings of the various files and their functions—even if it takes awhile to get the info.  There are so many weird files all over the place, and I'd really like to have a better handle on what's what.

More immediately, if you can tell me how to erase the db file from my HDD, then I may be able to solve this problem in short order.  Thanks to you and the devs for the quick turn-around!


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The theory is correct; mismatched IDs / tracks.  This problem seems to occur mostly when tracks are removed from the export device and/or there is a change in versions of the software between exports.

It only affects new tracks because they take the place of the previously existing tracks which were not removed properly.  It will likely only occur with playlists because an earlier version of the software would remove the tracks from the export collection but not the playlist, causing a problem with the numbering.  Not all tracks will be affected because it "fills in the holes" left from the tracks that were removed.

As for the request, it's highly unlikely that Pioneer will provide the information as that would effectively open the box.

Best bet for resolving the problem is to zap the export.pdb file.

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Isn't it kinda shocking that this bug hasn't been fixed 2 whole years later? What the hell is going on here? I've wasted somewhere in the neighborhood of 100 hours combined between 2012 and 2014 working around this bug.

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@Disco Mike > Considering you're the first to comment on this thread in two years, I wouldn't exactly say it's a common issue. If you've spent that much time trying to resolve it yourself, why didn't you come ask here sooner? In fact, this is the first you've ever posted to the forums, so I can't exactly say what you've done right / wrong to help you out.

I'm closing this old thread as it was started by another user. In order to provide you with proper support, I recommend you read the rekordbox help thread and post a new thread with your answers so we can figure out what's going on. Feel free to link a URL to this thread so we can reference it.

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