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TORAIZ SP-16: STOP should stop the Sequence but let the Samples finish, while STOP+STOP stops the sequence AND the Samples

Currently it is not supportet to Stop a Sequence from Playing, without stopping all "longer" Samples from Playing. It is like, you press STOP and then there is absolute silence, instantly. This is a big problem if you use the Toraiz in a Band.

It would be better if there was a Project Setting in the Settings, so the STOP Button would only Stop the Sequence from Playing, but the Samples (like long Synth-Pad Samples) would not stop immediately. Otherwise STOP+STOP (like a doubleclick) would stop the Sequence AND the Samples.

i already mentioned this in the Forum, but i got no useful response from a Pioneer Employee until now.


Matthias Hartl

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