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Pioneer DJ Support on this forum is nonexistent right now

My suggestion: treat your customers like people.

I recently spent $5,400 on two CDJ3000s. It's been a week since I've posted on several threads, with no responses. 

If you look at this suggestion forum in particular, there hasn't been a response in the last 15 days on any of the recent posts.

I work in digital customer support myself. I get it, stuff happens. People quit, things get busy, customers can be annoying. But, I'm incredibly bummed about the lack of consideration. I saved for years for CDJs, I've spent hundreds of hours in rekordbox.

My recent posts and comments with no responses:





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Unfortunately,that is what happens when a company has too much monopoly over the market. The sad thing is, competitors are also not catching up that fast to give end-users options for migration. Hopefully someone comes to the rescue sooner than later.

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