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[SOLVED] RMX Stand Pioneer

finally available

Franck Michel

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Well, I understand Gavin. Sort of like McDonalads selling different items around the world that you can't find here. But this is sort of different and maybe something Pioneer should consider adjusting. Obviously we are a world connected and what happens in France is not going to go unnoticed any more. There is no doubt this is a popular stand right now, if I could find it here in the states I too would be all over it. 

Gavin, even one last time... I understand it gets annoying but sometimes companies realize they have a good thing going and that their customers really want something and break down and do the right thing if the demand is there. SOrt of like a TV show, a network cancels the show but people attack the forums and FB wanting it back and the station continues on with the show (X-Files for example). 

Maybe someone at the TOP of the Pioneer chain of command will wake up and tell the American (example) Division to do something as well. 

I think I've said this before but everything I could buy Pioneer, I bought including cables. I would love to have a 100% Pioneer setup however the few things I don't have Pioneer is..

TRS cables for RMX (Maybe one day as XLR and all have been made)

A CDJ stand (Like Space Tek for example)

A RMX Stand (I could but...) 


Laptop stand (But I understand why on this one but it still would be cool)

Everything Pioneer could create and slap their name on instead of seeing (Example) 

Maybe some of these or all of them are unrealistic...

I don't know why I replied to this post again. I was sick of it weeks ago as I knew I would never get this stand. I got caught in my selfish wants again and was weak, I had to beg again!


I'm out!

Justin time for some Hardstyle! 0 votes
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Well if you dont fancy wires, maybe Pioneer should go wireless all to gether!

Martin (SzM) Andersson 0 votes
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I'd prefer to put up with messy cables than wireless connections!

Gavin 0 votes
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