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LINK - Help required

I had a couple of intermittent problems with my link function during a gig last week, where i read that it could be caused by the network.


As a result of this i took the steps as advised by Pioneer on the website to stop other user's from sharing your network, however as soon as I tried to use the link functionality after, it wouldn't play any of my files.

For Example: You can drag a track on to the CDJ icon and instead of turning orange to cue - it remains white.

I believe this is something to do with my network settings, but I have undone what I did previously and I'm still having the same trouble.

Has anyone else had this problem?

Can someone please advise me what I need to do to get this working again, or what my settings should be in my network.

I have another gig tomorrow night, and would like to use this function.

Any help would be greatly appreciated


Kid Sleazy

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Please can someone offer some help with this - I'm sure it is not directly a Rekordbox issue, I believe it's something in my laptop/Network blocking me  from playing the tracks. The link is displayed correctlt but when I drag and drop a track on to the CDJ icon it doesn't cue and I get an error message E-8302 on the CDJ 900 display.


I have tried everything to revert what I did with the network sharing settings, but with no joy.


Can anyone advise what the network settings should be to avoud the pro link being blocked?


PS - I have tried switching off all firewalls etc

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