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Rekordbox wont play track on Windows 7 & Windows 8 Possible Windows Update Conflict

My new version of Rekordbox 3.0 would not play a track when loaded into either player one of player two.

You could load a track and click play but nothing would play, the button would just go from green to grey, the waveform would not move and nothing comes from the speakers.

Previewing a track would play in the collection section though.

I had done a fresh install of Windows 7 on one machine without updating Windows and Rekordbox 3.0 worked perfectly!

I have recently put Rekordbox 3.0 on my new Windows 8 machine, worked perfectly until I did some Windows Updates then the same problem started again..

Clearly there is an update that windows does that conflicts with Rekordbox 3.0 but I am unable to determine what update effects the operation of Rekordbox

Hope this helps the elimination of bugs within Rekordbox 3.0



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This is not a bug within rekordbox but rather a setting mismatch between your audio interface and the software. The answer is found within the ** rekordbox Read-Me** thread:

- You click the play button but no audio is heard, the audio doesn't play back

It could be that your audio device settings are outside the supported range. Within rekordbox, go to Preferences > Audio and change your sample rate down to 44100 Hz.

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