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My XDJ-700s won't sync with Rekordbox on my laptop via USB cables

Hi everyone. I have just made up a custom DJ deck with 2 x xdj-700s and a Reloop RMX 60 mixer.

For some reason the players won't sync properly to my Rekorbox 6 on my laptop. I have the 2 players connected by USB straight into my laptop. No ethernet is plugged in. It has windows 10 and is an Asus laptop. I have installed the CDJ/XDJ ASIO driver.

If I switch to performance mode in Rekordbox and then on either player press LINK to sync them to the laptop it says USB- Midi on the player screen and I press to enter that. It now shows up and says pc on the bottom of the player however it is still not synced to Rekordbox on the laptop and nothing else comes up on the player screen. Won't select any tracks or designate a player number option when I turn the dial.

The laptop seems to be identifying the players however just won't connect to them correctly. I have selected the ASIO driver in Rekordbox and the output players as 1 and 2 in preferences. Have watched every tutorial and info i could find but as yet no luck. Any help would be appreciated.

Peter Secombe

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Hi there,

Did you get any luck solving this one?

I'm having similar problems trying to link my new xdj to laptop.


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