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need to input reCAPTCHA everytime I post


everytime I comment in the pioneer DJ forum I need to input the reCAPTCHA . This is for every post, even in the same session.

Creating new posts does not require the reCAPTCHA.


Maybe related, everytime I start a session I need to clear my cookies, otherwise I cant login. That particular problem is happening since the Gigya migration years ago.


can you please help me?



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You can thank Zendesk for that due to the amount of spam we've been hit with recently.

That post isn't entirely accurate - here are the cookies needed to be cleared if you have problems:


You should have 3rd party cookies enabled on this site (and those domains listed above).

Some users have found certain browsers to be less problematic than others, and likewise, plugins which block traffic, or javascript can also be a reason for these issues.

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Yeah reCAPTCHA is a real pain, I made two separate comments and had to make over 12 mouse clicks. First world problem I know but would really put me off contributing. 

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To give you an indication of why it's necessary, we removed over 200 spam posts this morning. And those were the ones that made it past the spam filtering and captcha.

Sorry guys, we are working to reduce the potential for spam and improve the function and operation of the site with the Zendesk team.

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