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When you open the forums you can see the 3 newest messages for each topic e.g.

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 Would it not be more practical to show the 3 newest messages that are not sticky's? Now you have to open each topic to see if there is something new (since you only see the sticky points that are 90% of the time the same)


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We have made some requests to Zendesk about the layout of certain parts of the forums. When you click into the Rekordbox section you still have to click on the 'Recent' tab to see the most recent topics.

In all honesty, I like that those three stickies are the way they are - a lot of people come on here searching for information and they see these posts so it avoids duplication of questions.

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hi, i use the cdj800s and i got my first gig but they use cdj900.. i was wondering if the +10 tempo is the same i know when i have a 130bpm and i want it to be 128bpm i drop it down to -1.55 on my 800's. so is the +10 the same on all the cdjs?

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