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Another big crashing issue

After reading all other topics and none helped, I now call in all of your help!

Ok so here I stand after one day of trying to fix my problem:

I use Rekordbox on a MacBook Pro running only Mac OSX, with all software up to date.

All my other software using the iTunes library works perfect (Serato, Serato DJ Intro and Traktor) without any problem.

My iTunes music and files are on a second internal HD, but since all the other software has no probs with that, it can't be an iTunes issue.

I already did several things to fix RekordBox 

  • Cleared my rekordbox library files
  • Resaved my iTunes library in a new xml file and added that
  • Exported one playlist in iTunes and imported it in RekordBox
  • Analysed and repaired all my files using MP3 Scan + Repair
  • There are no USB drives / hubs etc connected, no external hardware. 
  • Downgraded iTunes

Nothing has a good result... 

When i remove the library files, and restart RekordBox, the application keeps running. But, when I import a random track in RekordBox, it crashes after about 5 seconds. Every time again...

I have a gig in 3 hours... This is getting very frustrating...

Sven Daneels

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@Sven > Sorry to hear you are having issues? What version of Rekordbox are you running?

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@Gavin > I'm running the latest version of RekordBox.

@Pulse > I already read that tread several times, and nothing suggested helps. It worked for a few weeks and then all of a sudden, it keeps on crashing, again and again. Downgrade of iTunes doesn't help either... 

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@Sven > As per my last post; please reply with the info requested in that linked thread.

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