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cdj 900 Rekordbox Link Issue

Hi, I have linked the cdj 900's to rekordbox but my player will not let me select a track and start playing it.

All the song that I have in rekordbox show up opn the cdj 900 but it won't let me play them.

I know my switch and cables are fine because it all works fine if I use my girlfriends laptop.

I am guessing the problem is with the saettings on my computer, I just can't figure out which settings.

I have done all the LAN checks and setting changes that PIoneer suggest but still no luck.


Please advise.

Many thanks

Dave Allgoodh

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@Dave - have you ensured that Windows Firewall is switched off? This is the single biggest barrier to being able to drag and drop the tracks to your 900s!

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Thanks for your reply shortstack.

Windows firewall was on but still no luck.

situation is the same still, players link to recordbox, rekordbox tracks show up on my players but will not play.

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@pulse link is broken...  I have problems w CDJ-900 anda last vs. of Rekordbox, using proLink.

CDJ and mixer are detect but msg is showing "please autorize your cdj' 

try w XDJ-100 mk1 and works fine, please help me, some my gigs are make w my Mac via lan cable.


Thanks for help



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