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[TICKETED] CDJ 2000 Nexus loop doesn't work than the player blocked and unable to load

Hello, I own 2 CDJ 2000 Nexus since 5 months. I used them without any issue all this summer with the same USB Key (Kingston Data Traveler G4 128 GB)

I connect them to my DJM 900 with LAN cables passing through  Tp-Link TL-SF1005D 5-Port 10/100M Mini Desktop Switch

Yesterday night i noticed what follows:

  • Player 1 (with USB) and Player 2 (via link)

  • Player 1 was playing and when i launched the loop to mix i noticed that it did.t work: the waveform was colored for the loop length but the player keep going straight, like i was pressing reloop/exit. I tried different length of the loop (8-16) and again the same effect, it seemed looped but continued playing straight to the end of the song.. 

  • So i launched the song in player 2 (reading via LAN from player 1)

  • When i tried to load a new song on player 1 (the song seemed finished because of what i said before) i saw an error message concerning the file corrupted (i don't remember exacltly what) then player 1 blocked it self.

  • I tried to load a new song via USB in player 1 but i received the message to unlock the eject/load security in menù (I have activated it in my configuration). I did it but when i tried to load a song nothing happened. 

  • So I tried to load in Player 1 a song via link from the (emergency) USB I have in player 2 (Player 2 was playing a song via Lan from the blocked player 1): I only saw a Loading message....

At this point i was completely blocked. I only had to restart the player 1 using a workaround with delay on player 2 (that was reading form the blocked 1....)

I don't know if i explained my self, I'm not so good in english but i only would like to understand what could be the problem: the USB Key? Rekordbox 3.0.3 updated yesterday before syncing new songs? The player in some way is broken? 

I only don't think it's a plan problem because i was blocked also trying to load directly form the USB on the player 1. And all started with Loop not working fine.

Federico Sacchi

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Hi there! I'm following the thread I opened but i can't help you anymore because i preferred to sell my Nxs and wait for better products (or re-stock)

In the meantime i use USB Key without link when i go playing in other discos/parties or i continue using Traktor where i'm resident.

I just wanted to give you a little suggestion or information: i don't know what other users do, but my playlists where imported from "Traktor" MANUALLY (without apps like Rekord Buddy)

The library is the same between two softwares (Traktor and Rekordbox), when i add new songs i analyze them two times (one each software), then i start compiling the playlist in Traktor, I export it and re-import in Rekordbox ... It's boring but I thought it could be safe...


But i'm just wondering if this could someway add some "bug" informations during the USB  export....


Good Night

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