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TORAIZ: Sampling

I'd like to see samples automatically assigned to pads as soon as you sample, rather than having to edit it and save it first - that way you could hit the pad to demo it as you're editing it. 

I'd also love to see some better sample editing options.




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You can preview the recording in the edit page by pressing the large rotary knob. It's nothing as flexible as auto-assigning to pads and being able to play a pad while performing editing functions with the rotary, but it's something...


I've also suggested better sample start and end focus options, as when zoomed in, editing can get quite fiddly to be precise (and jump to zero point and fades too!) - link here - https://forums.pioneerdj.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/213782463-Toraiz-Sample-start-end-edit-focus-zero-point-fades


Good to see other users throwing out good suggestions. Let's hope Pioneer are listening...

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