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the new release 5.8.0 crashes on analysis


I just installed the new release on my win 10 i7 laptop and always crashes on analysis of the song
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@Chris > Yes, closed intentionally -- I would like anyone with those issues to please file an inquiry ticket; our rekordbox team can more readily gather your information and files (if necessary) on a one-to-one basis rather than relaying things through the forums here.

This is not a joke, I have been providing support with Pioneer DJ for 20 years, and I thank you for working with us to assist you.

I see from your ticket that Gabriel has already been in communication with the head of the rekordbox support team, and while the instructions they've given may seem rudimentary, they're covering all the bases in ensuring that your system is optimized and that's not where the troubles are coming from. Stick with it, they'll be able to fix you up.

@fabio > Same for you; please file an inquiry ticket here and our support team will gather some additional information to assist you in resolving this issue.

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There's a fair few people with the same issue.

Among others hjere:


But Pulse locked the thread, despite it being a) unsolved, and b) Pioneer Support, after writing a ticket takes 7 days to even look at the ticket, then half-heartedly write a standard reply with the standard 'PC optimization steps' without actually adressing the issue or the questions posed.... 

Is this a joke... ?

12+ days with a release that's not usable as you can not analyze any new tracks,  it crashes/freezes regularly while playing and analyzing, as well as this release being the only one available to use with the XDJ-XZ...

What a clusterf*.

@Pulse - when is the next RB version to be expected that might address this ?

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