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SP-16 OS Update?

Hello Pioneer Support Team,

first let me say thank you for making an awesome product, that might become as legendary over time like the 808 did :)

Now here is my (due to the already great updates in the past) short wishlist for a 1.7 OS Update:

1. Allow Recording Midi in from an external source (keyboard or daw) with 4 or more polyphony on to a midi track, see also:

2. Allow polyphonic (Step-) Sequence (4 or more) via the trackpads

3. more than 4 bars per Pattern (8 would be nice), see also:

4. Polyrythm of the sample tracks

5. Automation recording

Can you give us a hint if any of this is happening and what the chances are for a 1.7 update this year?

Thank you again for acknowledging the users feedback and continuing to make the SP-16 better with each update!

Harry Tuttle

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Hi Harry and Max,

Before I compile this into an official transmission to the Pioneer DJ development team, I want to make sure I'm clear on what you mean by certain key points. Thank you for your positive words about the SP-16, they don't go unnoticed. And thank you for your feature and improvement suggestions.


1,2) recording of more than 4 notes onto a MIDI track - yes, this has been discussed before.  I will convey this to theam, but I'll also say that MIDI tracks for external triggering are to be thought of as an enhancement of the SP-16, vs a core feature (being sampling) - as MIDI sequencing is handled by the dedicated Squid MIDI sequencer, which of course can store 8 notes of polyphonic MIDI data on a single sequencer step.

3, 4) these have been conveyed and I agree they would be great

5) to clarify, you mean you would like the data knobs below the screen to record your parameter changes in real time, for things like real-time filter sweeps or reverb washes, etc?


Having an additional effect processor so that you could use both send effects and master effects simultaneously is a strain on the available DSP resources.  I will convey this but it's not likely to happen.

OK, I hear what you are requesting with the delay engine. I'm going to be honest with you. You seem like a creative producer who knows what you want to do and you've used some sophisticated tools before like Elektron, etc...You might be better off just adding a dedicated, physical delay effect processor and just running certain tracks out to it with SP-16s many available outputs vs. waiting for a rather sophisticated rewrite of Pioneer's delay engine.  But I will convey this to the development team.

Being able to modulate the analog filter would be cool, but yes, a long shot. Suggest using the digital filter effect instead.





Rhythm Droid
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I second that wishlist, especially parts 3-5, and would like to add:

  • possibility of being able to use send fx and master fx simultaneously
  • improvements to the delay effect: ping pong / stereo wideness option, low cut in addition to high cut, the time parameter could interpolate the delay time when changed, "send" control which would act as a pre-gain in addition to the mix control.
  • being able to modulate the analog filter with eg. an LFO (might be a longshot)

The SP-16 is already great, but it has so much potential with seemingly small changes!

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Anyone from Pioneer here to reply?
It's been a week and no sign of life at all in here with Toraiz forum :(

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Thanks for the thorough response!

> to clarify, you mean you would like the data knobs below the screen to record your parameter changes in real time

Yes! It's a great creative way to quickly get some controlled (but yet "humanized") movement going on a sequence. Personally I mostly record parameters for things like panning, envelope decay time, and even pitch.


Regarding the delay effect, I understand that it's not a core feature of the device, but it's still the most basic delay I have ever encountered. The changes I requested are found on almost every other delay, and they should be simple to implement in addition to not taking much processing power. I'm a programmer but in no way DSP-oriented yet even I have been able to implement a more versatile delay with little effort. You wouldn't need much to get much more creative potential out of the delay!

Thanks again for the response!

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Thank you Rythem Droid for the response!

Regarding 5), yes that's what I meant :)

As for 1)
I do understand there is also a squid, but even if you ignore whatever else I wrote, please trust me on one thing:
People HATE when whatever device they bought is ARTIFICALLY LIMITED!

The SqUID possibly is another great tool, and it comes across to have many things the SP-16 simply cant do since its made with a different approach in mind to begin with. But just limiting one machine on something even if that makes much sense in the context of working with it will NOT convince anyone with a straight mind to buy yet into another machine from the same manufacturer, quite the contrary I would say. Just push the philosophy to make each device as good as possible on its own, and people WILL buy more of the same product line or company, even if there is some overlap.

Just my 2 cents :)

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The Squid has no Scenes like the SP-16.

So you can't do a "16-Songs-Set" live.

While on the SP-16 you can have 16 Scenes with totally different 16 Samples, you only have 1 Program on the Squid.

Sorry, but who at TORAIZ thought that we Users would "love" that, ehm, Feature?

No, the Squid is a sketchbook, but no serious liveset-tool.

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Rhythm Droid, let me first say that I also appreciate the work your team is investing into the SP-16 years after release. I really enjoy working with mine.

There are many little things about the workflow that can be improved but off the top of my head - it would be really nice if there are SHIFT-shortcuts for copying and pasting things around, and especially single steps with all their parameters.

As far as I know the 3 combinations of SHIFT + REC / STOP / PLAY aren't used so those could be COPY, CLEAR, PASTE like on Elektron devices. It helps that SHIFT is very close to the transport controls so you could easily hold down sequencer steps or pads with the left hand while copying and pasting with the right hand.

Again, thanks for all your effort!

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