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djs1000 player 5/6

Please, would it be possible to have an update to allow the djs1000 to be assigned as player 5 or 6

On  my djm v 10 i cant put my sampler where i want as i really need it on channel 5.  Its upsetting my workflow.  

I am happy to only be able to run 4 devices total ( as this machine doesnt have gigbit ethernet) but really want to be able to put it on any channel without loosing quantize of beat effects etc.


many thanks 


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Sorry guys, the old hardware simply isn't capable of linking beyond number 4; it's within the hardware and unfortunately it can't be changed through software. I agree it would be amazing to assign the DJS as 5 or 6, but the unit isn't capable of it.

We were chatting about this the other day, and there's a quirk about the 3000's when mixed with the 2000's or DJS regarding the numbering, but we'll get more details on that in coming weeks.

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I was about to ask the exact same question, for the exact same reasons, regarding the (almost) exact same setup.

I have a v10 (perhaps the greatest mixer ever created), two DJS-1000s, an sp-16, and three xdj-1000mk2 pro link players. Building in the expanded six device Pro Link update into the v10 would be an impressive display of Pioneer DJ / AlphaTheta's respect and appreciation for their v10 customers. And no doubt, such a move - at least for me - would act as the extra nudge and assurance one might need justify buying a new CDJ-3000 or two (ie. if i buy a cdj-3000 but can't use all 6 channels for all my pro link devices I'm effectively losing features on devices i'm still using in order to purchase a new CDJ).

The OP mentioned gigabit ethernet (presumably assuming the 4 device limit is due to non-gigabit limits). But based on past forum posts, various Pioneer DJ faqs, etc., I was under the impression that the four device limit (+5th slaved device like the sp-16) was basically an arbitrary one:

"the reason for [four device] limitation is largely based on the fact most DJ setups would consist of up to 4 decks, and our file sharing configuration was designed around that limitation." (Jan 2, 2018 - PULSE https://forums.pioneerdj.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/115020425903-DJS-1000-DJ-Pro-link )

I've read all the CDJ-3000 features lists posted by Pioneer DJ but I still can't find a definitive explanation of what users can expect regarding Pro Link and the v10 and various Pro Link enabled players/samplers, with or without a cdj-3000, going into the future.

Looking forward to Pioneer DJ's thoughts on this. Thnx.

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