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DJM-450 master audio and cue out of sync

I'm reviving an old question that I saw in this forum:


I recently made myself with a DJM-450.  Brand new.

First day of use and I noticed that there was a delay between the audio output from the cue and the master outputs.  It might be half a second, but it makes it impossible to mix.  The issue comes and goes.  If I turn the mixer off and on again, sometimes it get fixed, but that's very annoying and very not helpful at all.  My mixer has the latest firmware version (1.06).  Are you planning on fixing this at some point or is the DJM-450 mixer not going to be patched anymore?  I noticed that the 1.06 firmware version is a year old.


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Hey @miguecor, I already answered you in the other topic you replied to (here); in future, please don't cross-post.

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By the way, I'm not using anything fancy.  My setup is 2 Pioneer PLX-1000 and my DJM-450 connected with an RCA gold plated cable to my sound system.  Pretty simple.

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