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rekordbox not responding when trying to import tracks

after having so many problems with tracks and cds freezing up (just the ones i scan thru rekordbox) i decided to completely clear my hard drive, reformat it, and start all over again.

firstly, i am using windows vista, and i am importing tracks from one external hard drive, and then exporting to another.

i am now organising my tracks into playlists before exporting - as i have around 17000 tracks i want to put on my external hard drive and i want to see if this solves the problem of everything freezing up.  My first thought was perhaps things were going wrong because of how many sub folders there were.

anyway, things were going ok as far as importing, analyzing, and exporting tracks and playlists were concerned.  but i now have the problem that i can no longer import any tracks at all into rekordbox, it just freezes and comes up not responding.  I have done nothing to any hardware or software on my laptop, this has just suddenly happened and i cant see why.  i have rebooted my computer, disconnected my hard drives and re connected, uninstalled and then re installed rekordbox.  im still having the same problem - i just can't import tracks into rekordbox anymore. 

can anyone help??

is anyone else having the same issue?

4 weeks i've had my decks now and as much as i like them, i just can't use them to their full potential and i'm getting more frustrated by the day !

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I have the same issue , but only when i select a Track , the rekordbox freezes and comes up not responding , i don't know the reason 


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