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rekordbox lighting 4 deck support


Today I got my RB-DMX1 and have been messing around with it in combination with my DDJ-1000. I am running the latest version of Rekordbox (5.4.3). The DMX1 could be very powerful to my performance, but I have noticed some things that I do not like.

- The lighting does not work on decks 3 and 4. It does switch (based on the channel faders) between decks 1 and 2.
- Even when I force deck 3 or 4 to be the master, it does not seem to work on either deck 3 or 4. The lighting bar in performance mode only shows decks 1 and 2, which leads me to believe that what I want is not yet possible.
- The lighting sofware does not seem to follow the master, it is just a matter of which channel fader is opened further. If deck 1 is playing and I pull back the fader a bit, while the fader of deck 2 is fully opened (but NOT playing!), it assigns the lighting to deck 2). I think this is quite inconvenient. On this forum I read that the lighting is supposed to follow the master deck assignment (https://forums.pioneerdj.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/360000696903-RB-DMX1-only-working-with-deck-1) but that is not my experience. 

Since I mainly play sets with 4 decks, it is highly inconvenient that the lighting isn't working on decks 3 and 4. Is this is a feature that will be added sometime soon?

Siger Steenstra