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Connecting my DJM900nxs/XDJ RX2 to my Macbook via 3.5mm jack

Hello, I'm currently doing a live streaming dj

my setup:

cable canon (master from mixer) to 3.5mm TRRS cable to my mac

then broadcasting it from OBS software

what i want to ask, why my macbook doesnt detect the sound/mic input from mixer, i tried on windows laptop or even straight to my phone, and it worked, so i am sure the cable setup was right, its only when connected to mac it didnt work. and when i open preferences > audio > it shows internal microphone instead of external..


help pls..

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The input on your Mac is a microphone input - we don't recommend connecting the RCA master output from your mixer to a mic input (either on the Mac or to your phone) as it's a line level signal and will easily distort through the mic pre-amplifier and sound terrible.

There are instructions on the forums already for both the DJM-900NXS2 and XDJ-RX2 for streaming with OBS.

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Hello thank you for replied, but actually i only play using usb. Not rekordbox software..
Quick update: i tried again earlier, SOMEHOW, it worked and mac shows me an external mic with only plug 3.5 to mac. But when i unplugged it, and plugged it again, it didnt work anymore.. i see someone post about this and make a fix how to setup cdj to mac to 3.5mm, but he put an attachment and i think this website already deleted the attachment, can you explain me how did he fixed it?

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