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Beat Sync Not Working

Hi Pulse.

Following on from an earlier thread regarding Beat Sync issues on the 3000's and your advice to raise a ticket to engineering. I raised the ticket and have gotten nowhere thus far. Apparently, the Beat Sync issue is down to ethernet links and expected behaviour.

Who knew that Beat Sync on flagship devices (and at that price) does not sync and that is expected behaviour? Nonsense.

And yet that is where I am currently at with the ticket. Trying to prove an issue exists when I have provided enough evidence of it.

Are you able to help. Any help would be appreciated?

Original thread: https://forums.pioneerdj.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/900001471043-CDJ-3000-sync-issue

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The only thing I can tell you is updates are coming.

No, it was not discontinued or delayed due to problems that can't be fixed.

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There are many, many issues and it seems mine have most of them. Pitch bend, jog wheel, waveforms, crashing, not loading cue points all the time, sometimes tracks unreadable, the obvious issues between ethernet links and so on.

It'll be 4 months in a matter of days since the last firmware. Promises of "it's coming" "we will fix this" "it's our flagship" have worn out now. New kit is still being released and the "flagship" still has un fixed problems from day 1. There's nothing coming out of Pioneer, at all.

You can't even get stock of these now, so the cynical side of me says these cannot be fixed and production has stopped. I know we're in a pandemic, so understand manufacturing issues, but that has not stopped the release of new kit, has it.

I would at least like a statement from Pioneer letting us know what is what . At least offer us full reimbursement for kit that is not fit for purpose. I am £4,338 out of pocket and am seriously considering legal action.

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