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Improvements for Filter track/related track

The track filter is one of the main reasons why I find the library management in the rekordbox very convenient.
I would like to share my vision of how this process can be improved.

RB has 4 functions that are responsible for searching for music in the library.
1. Category filter - manual search by three categories (artist, album, genre)

2. Track filter - manual search by 5 criteria (bpm / key, rating, color, personal tags)

3. Traffic light - automatic search for the appropriate key

4. Related track - automatically search for any track from the specified criterias

The first thing I suggest is to combine all these features into one tool.The Category Filter and Track Filter are manual search.
The traffic filter and related tracks are configured and work automatically.
In all 4 functions, tag search is used, so it would be logical to make two modes
Track Filter Mode (manual)/Related Tracks (auto)
In the track filter mode, the DJ, as usual, simply selects the criteria himself.
In related tracks mode, the selection of tracks is based on the master deck, and shows the tracks in the main playlist.

I think it would be right to combine these search functions and make only a panel of criteria, as well as switching modes, which can be hide

This will make this feature even more simple and powerful.

The third idea is to make each column a block type, that is, DJ will be able to create his own track filter from the tags that he uses. If the user does not need personal tags or album search, he can simply hide them from the track filter panel, and keep only the columns that they need.


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