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Rekordbox 3.2.0 Crash when setting cue points

Hello there, 

No idea why, but i'm updating & running OS X Yosemite on an Intel I5 processor. Rekorbox keeps crashing, generally when I'm setting cur points. It doesn't do it straight away but generally after 7 minutes are so have passed. I've now noticed it's also crashing when copy to USB & just doing general things. Below is my crash report, i have no idea what it means. Thanks.


Samuel Galati

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Hi this worked for me that Pulse posted on another thread. Used Rekordbox solidly for 3 days without a single crash! 



Hey guys, as per another thread where this is being discussed... please try the following: 

Because of the "smart quotes" function of Mac, when a user changes the text 0 to 1, the double quotation text is changed so that the value can be read as 0 instead of 1 even after changing the value. 

  1. From the “Go” menu in the Finder of Mac, select "Go to Folder...". 
  2. In the popup window, please type in “~/Library/Application Support/Pioneer/rekordbox” to open the folder and find “rekordbox3.settings”. 
  3. Control-click or right-click “rekordbox3.settings” then select “Open with” -> “Other...” and use TextEdit to open the file. 
  4. Find the following line in the settings file. 
    <VALUE name="DisableOpenGL" val="0"/> 


  1. Then, change the value from “0” to “1” as shown below. 
    <VALUE name="DisableOpenGL" val="1"/> 
    Please note: Be sure to copy the text "1" including the quotation mark " " in for example, 
     <VALUE name="nexusServerIsActivated" val="1"/> in the TextEdit and paste them instead of directly typing the value 1.

Close the file and restart rekordbox. 

Please try this process to solve the crash problem. 

Richie 0 votes
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@Mateusz > Did you try the fix even though you're on Windows?

Pulse 0 votes
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I've made the changes and will test over the next couple of days.



Smurf 0 votes
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Its ok for now but i will keep posting when sth will go wrong

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